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As Safa & Emre trade company ltd we manufacture and supply women's clothing products, men's wear products, women's wear products, mens wear products, baby wear products, jackets, sweatsuits, tracksuits, blouses, leather jackets, jackets, skirts, shirts, jumpers, sweaters, denim jackets, jeans, coats, pants, sweat shirts, leggings, tights, trenchcoats, overalls, tunics, vests, shawls, leather jackets, coats, cardies, t-shirts, casual wears, baby garments, snap bodies, baby snap bodies, socks, baby socks, booties, baby booties, shorts, flood pants, baby shorts, baby coats, baby tshirts, baby overalls, baby raincoats, raincoats, snapsuits, snapsuit sets, baby snapsuits, women's clothing product, men's wear product, women's wear product, mens wear product, baby wear product, jacket, sweatsuit, tracksuit, blouse, leather jacket, jacket, skirt, shirt, jumper, sweater, denim jacket, jean, coat, pant, sweat shirt... Telephone switchboards are communication infrastructures which must be given importance by companies. It makes essential to have powerful telephone exchanges because of hundreds of thousands daily calls, answering hundreds of calls, intrabusiness and interbranch calls. Until recently analog switchboards have been used. Switchboard systems makes easy to have internal and external calls through single line. However because of the latest developments on communication technologies analog ones gave place to ip switchboards. The most important advantage of ip switchboards is to reduce communication costs. This is the reason of choosing ip switchboards by many companies. Ip systems are open-ended. According to growing and developing of your company the ip switchboard system can be improved. The dependency on fixed phones are ended via ip systems. People being out of office, out of city and even at abroad can make calls using cell phone, tablet or laptop as if they are at the office. This feature makes callings free at companies itself, or other offices and branches in different cities. Thus a significant saving of call costs are made. Before investing on communication technologies companies should identify their needs. Every investment does not mean productivity. The investment should return in a very short time. As Acar Telekom we first of all give exploration service and inform about the systems. We establish open-ended ip systems directing your call traffic. In ip systems ip phones are used. We supply all software and hardware needs of companies. As Acar Telekom we do switchboard installation, ip switchboard installation, wireless switchboard devices and ip phone sales, voip voice, number porting, call center installation and aftersale services. We present all technological solutions as Acar Telekom to offices, private and public institutions and companies. You will make quality and economic calls in your office and even manage your business at any corner of the world independently from your office. Thanks to 7/24 technical services you will never have any problem at your business.

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